• Monday, December 19th, 2022

    Good morning. 

    Some important upcoming dates:

    Monday, December 19th-High School Winter Concert

    Tuesday, December 20th-Hot Chocolate in 3rd grade-Bring your own mug!!!

    Thursday, December 22nd-Last student day in 2022/Movie at Roso Theatre in the afternoon

    December 23rd to January 2nd-Winter Break

    January 3rd-School resumes


    *Students should bring their favorite Christmas mug for hot chocolate on Tuesday afternoon.*

    *In place of the traditional classroom parties and gift exchange, Kindergarten through Grade six will be attending a “G” rated movie at the Roso Theater on Thursday, December 22nd.  Students will depart the school after eating an early lunch.  Students will return to school in time to ride the regular route busses home.  Each student will receive a popcorn, drink, and candy at no cost to them.  The cost of the ticket is also included.  Students may bring additional money along if they choose to purchase extra treats.  We look forward to making wonderful memories with the kids.  *

    Although I will miss the students, I feel very good about leaving the class in the capable and kind hands of Miss MeKash.  Your children are your treasures….set realistic expectations of them, support them, discipline them, and love them beyond measure.  Many blessings to you all this Christmas and into the New Year!

    Sincerely, Mrs. Simmons