Lab Safety

Badger High School Science Laboratory Safety Rules


After a laboratory safety presentation, this copy is to be signed and returned to the instructor before the student will be allowed to participate in lab activities.


  1. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory.


  1. When first entering a science room, do not touch any equipment, chemicals, or other materials in the laboratory area until you are instructed to do so.


  1. No eating or drinking is permitted in the laboratory.


  1. Safety Goggles (full eye protection) must be worn at all times by all persons in the lab. It is best not to wear contact lenses in the lab.


  1. Shoes and protective clothing must be worn at all times.


  1. Confine long hair while in the laboratory.


  1. Know the location and how to operate the following lab safety equipment:
    1. Eyewash station Safety shower
    2. Fire extinguisher fire blanket


  1. If you spill a chemical on your skin or in your eye, immediately wash the area with an abundant quantity of water for at least 2 minutes. For a large spill, use the safety shower.


  1. Follow directions carefully! Perform only authorized experiments. Obtain instructor’s approval before making changes in a given procedure.


  1. Check all chemical labels carefully before handling. Ask your instructor if there is something you don’t understand.


  1. Never smell a chemical or solution directly. “Waft” the vapors toward your noes by gently waving your hand over the container.


  1. Never put your mouth on any lab equipment or chemicals. Do not taste anything unless directed to do so.


  1. Dispose of all chemical waste properly. Do NOT put chemicals in the sink without permission. Check with the instructor if you are unsure.


  1. Do not work alone. Do not begin experiments until the authorized instructor is in the room.


  1. Be considerate of others.
    1. Clean up spills and broken glass immediately
    2. Be aware of you and your partners’ surroundings
    3. Horseplay and careless acts are not tolerated.


  1. Maintain your work area in a reasonable degree of neatness
    1. Leave unnecessary supplies at your desk
    2. Keep aisles clear of backpacks and other trip hazard
    3. At the end of lab, clean and store all equipment as directed and clean the sinks and bench top



Violation of these safety rules will result in your being removed or barred from the laboratory and a subsequent failing grade.



I __________________________ have read and understand the above safety rules.  I agree to abide by theses and all other written and verbal instructions given in class.




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