Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability (ES)

Class Policies & Syllabus

Mrs. Dostal

Course Description:

ES is essentially a course in environmental engineering.  The course begins by looking at engineering practices in general, global environmental issues and ethical considerations. From there students will study three major environmental issues facing our global population and look at ways engineering can help manage those issues.  

This course has four units:

Unit 1 - Environmental Sustainability for a Better Tomorrow

Unit 2 - Ensuring Safe & Abundant Water

Unit 3 - Food Security

Unit 4 - Renewable Fuels

Course Expectations:

Classroom: Students are expected to come to class with appropriate materials and mental preparedness.

  • Students are expected to participate in class work, discussions and activities.  Lecture materials, handouts and notes are the students’ responsibility.
  • There is no textbook for this class.  Students will be required to keep all handouts in a 3-ring binder or some other organizational system.  The binder may be left in the classroom.

Lab: There will be a number of lab activities in this course.  A signed lab safety contract must be turned in before a student is allowed to participate. Lab activities are a required part of course work and must be made up in the event of an absence.

  • Any student displaying unsafe behavior in the lab will be subject to disciplinary action which may include removal from the lab setting.  Students who are removed from lab will be expected to complete an alternative assignment.  If this assignment is not turned in, the student will receive an incomplete.
  • Students are expected to keep their lab area tidy and to put away all materials after lab activities.

Projects:  There are a number of group projects in this course.  Group members are expected to share the workload equally and work cooperatively without exclusion.

General Rules: At all times students are expected to be respectful.

  • Respect adults in the classroom
  • Respect materials in the classroom
  • Respect peers and their possessions
  • Respect self

Absences:  See attendance policy below.  Students who are absent at anytime during a lengthy project are still expected to hand in or present work on its original due date.

Late work:  Any work not handed in by the due date will be worth 50% of the points earned.  Late work will not be accepted after a unit has been completed.

Original work:  All work handed in must be original student work or must be properly cited.  Any work handed in that is not the student’s own will not be given credit.

Grading: Due to the hands-on nature of this course, grades will be weighted more heavily in the lab and project areas.

        Tests: 25%

        Homework: 25%

        Labs & Projects: 50%