Course Syllabus

Objective:  The objective of this course is to gain an understanding of the structure and properties of matter, the interactions of matter and energy, and the nature of chemical reactions.  We also strive to learn about science in general, how it has shaped our history and how it affects our lives today.  Through a combination of classroom discussion, lecture and inquiry-based activities students will leave this classroom having met state and national standards in physical science.


Materials:  This course is not available as an ebook. Students will be issued a standard textbook and will need a book cover for it.

Lab notebooks are supplied to the student.  Students are responsible to have the notebook available when needed.

Scientific calculators (not graphing) will be needed throughout the course.


Course Expectations: 

Classroom: Students are expected to come to class with appropriate materials and mental preparedness.

Students are expected to participate in class work, discussions and activities.  Lecture materials, handouts and notes are the students’ responsibility.


Lab: There will be a number of lab activities in this course.  A signed lab safety contract must be turned in before a student is allowed to participate. Lab activities are a required part of course work and must be made up in the event of an absence.  Any student displaying unsafe behavior in the lab will be subject to disciplinary action.

Students are expected to keep their lab area tidy and to put away all materials after lab activities. 


General Rules: At all times students are expected to be respectful.

  • Respect adults in the classroom
  • Respect materials in the classroom
  • Respect peers and their possessions
  • Respect self


Absences:  Students who are absent are responsible for getting their assignment(s) from the instructor and completing their work within the timeline stated in the handbook.  Students may need to stay after school to complete missed lab work or tests (see back for entire attendance policy).


Late work:  Any work not handed in by the due date will be worth 50% of the points earned.  Work not handed in by the end of the current chapter will not be accepted for any points.



            Tests: 45%

            Homework: 20%

            Labs & Projects: 35%


Academic Outline:

  • Intro & review of basic concepts
  • Measurement & sig figs
  • Atoms – structure & arrangement
  • Periodic Law – history & trends
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Chemical formulas & compounds
  • Chemical equations & reactions
  • Stoichiometry
  • States of Matter
  • Gas Laws
  • Solutions & Colligative properties
  • Acids & Bases