10th Grade HEALTH CLASS—2022-2023

Mrs. Lambert


School Phone (available 7:30-4:00): 218-528-3201 ext. 205

Cell Phone (call or text before 9 p.m.): 701.732.0752

Lesson Plans: See Google Classroom



Classroom Google will be our main format.

Needed Supplies:                

  • Notebook & Folder
  • Pen/Pencil
  • AR Book
  • Computer and charger with headphones

Classroom Requirements:       


·        Be Positive: Watch language and behavior.

·        Be Prompt: Be in your seat when the bell rings.

·        Be Prepared: Come with all supplies (make sure computer is charged).

·        Be Polite: Respect others and their space.

·        Be Productive: Remember that our top priority is to learn.

§  No passes out of class.

§  No food or drink (only allow personal water bottle…fill between classes)

§  Raise hand and no unnecessary talking.

§  Use time even after assignment is done.





Cheating Guidelines:  Students who are caught cheating will receive a “0” for that assignment and a detention.

Homework Policy: Late work will receive half credit. Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the date it’s due. Expect a fair amount of homework, projects, and test to be assigned and assessed. I offer plenty of class time to complete work so if you have excessive homework, you are NOT using your class time properly!

NOTE:  It is the student’s responsibility to ask for makeup work when absent.  I will not remind you because I teach responsible young adults!

Attendance: Showing up is important! If absent you must present a pass from the office.

Cell Phone Policy: Upon entering the classroom, put your cell phone away.

Computers: The Badger School has graciously given you a computer to use for educational purposes.

Do not abuse computer privileges. This means:

  • Bring your computer to class each day.
  • Charge your computer each night so you are ready to use it during class.
  • Only work on classroom assignments on computer (no games, social media, YouTube).
  • No texting/commenting online to others unless for educational purposes.
  • Consequences for the above: I will contact administration and parents directly to let them know you are NOT using your computer as intended. If you are wasting class time for any of the above, you will also receive a tardy. If you are developing poor computer habits, you will receive detention.

Grading:  Grades will be updated and parents/students may find them at

  • Students may also request a paper copy of their grades.
  • Total Weighted Grade:
  • 25 % Daily Work
  • 25 % Quizzes
  • 15% Projects
  • 35% Test