8th grade science


Mrs. Dostal


Physical science

Physical science is the study of the non-living parts of our universe and is particularly focused on matter and its interactions.  Physical science consists of two parts: Chemistry – the study of the properties and composition of matter, and physics – the study of matter and energy and their interactions.


In addition, we will also be learning about science in general.  We will study how scientists work, the tools they use and how they reach their conclusions.


Classroom Expectations

  • Everyday - I expect your best!
  • All the rules in this class revolve around 1 word - RESPECT!  For teachers, for supplies and materials in the room and for each other.
    • This means use common courtesy: be polite, listen, take turns, and express yourself in a respectful manner      
    • This also means respect for materials in the lab       


We will not be using typical textbooks for this course.  Materials will be a mix of handouts and online resources.  Students will need to have a folder or similar system of organizing to keep their materials readily accessible. 

  • Students will need to bring a science notebook (composition book with bound edges) to be kept in class as well as paper for daily assignments, writing utensils and a folder or system of organization for handouts.
  • This course will include a number of online materials and activities. When using computers in the classroom, students will be expected to follow acceptable internet usage rules and be on task. 
  • Macbooks are the property of the school and must be treated with due care.  Students should be careful to keep computers out of harm’s way in the science room (and in general!).  All damages will be the responsibility of the student. Computers should also be charged and ready to go at the start of the school day.

Lab safety

  • Students must sign a Safety Contract before being allowed to work in the lab.
  • Any student removed from lab will be given an alternate assignment to complete.  If that assignment is not turned in, it will result in an incomplete grade.


Student work:

  • Classroom discussions and activities are a large part of the curriculum.  Attendance is crucial to understanding the material and processes.
  • You are responsible for getting all instructions and assignments.  If you miss a day, it is up to you to get your missed assignment on time.
  • Students are expected to complete class work independently.  Work that is not the student’s own will not be given credit.
  • Any work handed in after the due date will be worth 50% of the points earned.  Late work will be accepted only until the appropriate chapter is completed.
  • Electronic assignments are to be treated like any other.  If you forget your computer or your password, it is the same as forgetting your textbook or paper assignment.  The consequences are the same.



Grades in 8th grade science are equally weighted. 33.3% each for homework, labs & tests.