Ms. Kukowski
    I have taught Mathematics for the past 15+years after graduating from Bemidji State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education grades 5-12. I also hold a Masters Degree in Mathematics. My research concentrated on the topic of Differentiated Education in the Secondary Classroom. I enjoy music, mosaic art, biking, walking, kayaking, and cross country skiing. I have 6 grand children Jaxon, Oliver, Vincent, and Solveigh, Livie and Ellie and 2 grand kitties...Chester and Peanut. We have a cat Oreo and  a a 14 mo old black lab Lucy!
    I believe math is achievable for all students. To make sure this happens at a personal level, I have office hours for tutoring available by appointment at 7:30-8am, , and 3:15-....open...  All I ask is you text or stop in and make an appointment so we are on the same page, and I'm not in a meeting, or out of the building. 
    Parents, I hear from many that the Math is not the same. It is and it isn't...don't let it add to an evening of heartbreak. Please call or text, sometimes a 1 minute conversation gets everyone on the same page. Also, sit with your student at the table, have them teach you, or read it out loud to them. I can't stress this enough, if I had a $1 for each time I read the problem out loud and the resonse is a bright look on the students face...and an oh...well thats dumb, or thats easy..or I should hve read it better....it's sometimes that easy. 
    Let's have a great year, 
    Ms K.